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The MSP Quilting Angels of Germantown, MD, founded in 2004

Founded in 2004, the MSP Quilting Angels are a talented group of women whose works serve great causes - Quilts For Kids and Quilts of Valor. Handcrafted heirloom-quality quilts created by the MSP Quilting Angels are Blessed during two special Masses during each year at Mother Seton Parish before distribution to children with pediatric cancer or presentation to combat service members and Veterans touched by war.

Connected To The Community

The MSP Quilting Angels have numerous out-reach programs and seek partnerships with other organizations to support these worthy causes. We have partnered with the Cool Kids Campaign, Potomac Kiwanis, American Legion Post 295,, American Childhood Cancer Organization, Fisher House, Mary's Center, Children's Hospital, Returning Warrior Weekend.

We value our relationships with these partners as essential and substantial to ensure we achieve our goals in our continuing service to the citizens of the United States of America-.



  • I know your gift to my son and many others will last a lifetime. For that I am humble and say "God Bless each and everyone of you for the acknowledgement and comfort you provide"
    Cynthia M, Blue Star Mother, TN
  • I had a long night last night flying MEDEVAC missions. The last mission of the night (morning), we picked up an Army soldier who was hit by an IED. We had one last quilt onboard and I told the flight medic to give it to him. It was extremely cold where we picked him up (way up in the mountains near the Pakistan border). We made sure the quilt followed him into the CASH when we finally landed back at Bagram.

    Please tell the group how much we are truly appreciative of spending their time to think about us.  CW3 Franklin
  • Thank you for reaching out to us. We certainly appreciate the opportunity to be the beneficiaries of your quilts. What you do for the wounded soldiers and children is to be commended. We would appreciate having the quilts to use in the care packages for the kids. Please extend our heartfelt thanks to all the ladies who put the care into making those quilts and look forward to having them soon. Cool Kids Campaign